Buying Electricity

Recharging of Prepaid Electricity can be done through the following three ways.

  1. Internet transfer
  2. Cell phone
  3. Cash deposit at the bank.

Loading our account as a beneficiary

  • Use your meter/card number as a reference when creating a beneficiary for the electronic transfer.
  • This cell number - 083 602 1170 must be entered for payment notification.

  • After payment, sms your name, amount paid and meter number to the above cell number.

  • An electricity token with 20 numbers will then be sent back to your cell phone with the units purchased - this must be entered into your prepaid meter.

  • Your units of electricity will show shortly after entering the token number into the meter.

  • Business hours are from 6h00 to 22h00, 7 days a week and on public holidays.
  • Absa


    Prepaid Tshwane

    Account No. :             9272876604
    Branch:                       Centurion
    Branch Code:             632005
    Reference:                 Meter/Card No.
    Pay notification: Cell no. 0836021170

    Prepaid Tshwane

    Account No. :                 62356097959
    Branch:                           Centurion
    Branch Code:                 261550
    Reference:                      Meter/Card No.
    Pay notification: Cell no. 0836114474

    Nedbank Stdbank

    Prepaid Tshwane

    Account No. :                  1025870697
    Branch:                            Centurion
    Branch Code:                  162145
    Reference:                       Meter/Card no.
    Pay notification :   Cell no. 0836114474

    Prepaid Tshwane

    Account No. :              038 033 933
    Branch:                       Centurion
    Branch Code:             01264500
    Reference:                  Meter/Card no.
    Pay notification: Cell no. 0836021170

    Please Take Note:

    Electricity is usually bought from R100 upward. Most people buy at the beginning or end of each month, and they buy the amount of electricity they are most likely to use within a month.

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