There are two Meters you can choose from:

Single Phase Meter or a Three Phase Meter.

singlephase threephase

Single Phase Meter
R3 200 (Vat included)

Three Phase Meter

The above costs include:

The process:

  1. The conventional meter at your home will be replaced with a prepaid meter.
  2. You’ll receive a control mechanism that can be plugged into any three point plug in your house.
  3. A card will be provided with your unique meter number on the front, with which you buy power from shops, garages or simply online at Purchase Electricity.
  4. After purchasing prepaid electricity you’ll receive a token number which must be pinned into your control mechanism.
  5. The control mechanism will indicate the units of electricity after you have pinned in the token number.

Why change to Prepaid electricity:

In order to apply for a prepaid meter installation, your Tshwane account needs to be fully paid up to date and we will need the following info:

All the above mentioned documents together with this application form [download pdf]
needs to be emailed to:

For further queries on installations, please Contact Us